Has your child already expressed interest in music, movement and singing?

Kids' Music Playground successfully starts children ages 4-6 and takes them beyond!

Laying the Foundation for a Lifetime of MUSIC! Best in entertainment education for over 20 years, our Level 1 course for kids ages 4-6 provides over 36 lessons that include: ear training, singing, note, rhythm and interval reading, ensembles and keyboard. Levels 2/3 due to be released in 2021-2022 in time for you to complete Level 1, includes 90 lessons including all of the above adding guitar and recorder! Upon completion, students know 33 notes, 15 key signatures and are able to play well beyond the beginner stage before age 8! Watch the video on Levels 2/3 for a vision of future Levels. START NOW!

What Parents are Saying!

KMP has over 20 years of testimonials, and these are a few:

“Thank you for your time, talent and dedication to our kids, to the arts, and to music and building a strong foundation...I am so excited to see what the future holds because of the awesome foundation you have given Aiden and Anna...Cora has made such noticeable progress in her short time at KMP - both musically and developmentally in general. Thank you for your talented enthusiastic instruction - you are a wizard! ”

Carmen, Lisa and Heather

“Thank you for helping us give the gift of music to our children. KMP has given all 3 a beautiful music foundation!It has been an amazing few years learning music with Micah...I know the love of music will stay with us for a lifetime! ...you are a wonderful influence for my girls. Thank you for your enthusiasm and loving, passionate teaching!”

Kim, Genie, and Chris

“You have designed a unique curriculum that has an everlasting impact in the hearts and minds of your students......thank you for your positive influence for me and my kids! ….Thank you for a wonderful experience for Reed. He has learned so much and has developed a passion for music!...so grateful for you and this amazing program! ”

Jennifer, Shelley and Sarah M.

“Thank you for being kind and working hard. Thank you 1000%. ....We have been incredibly impressed with your ability to connect with kids with so much energy and heart!You have given our boy a phenomenal start in music! ...You have given our children the most beautiful gift of music and most importantly you have given them the excitement and love of what they can do and music they can create!”

Student, Jaiden, Amanda and Dodie

“You give the gift of music to so many! ...Thank you for teaching me music. That’s what I wanted - to play music! Thank you...Thank you for providing a fun and nurturing setting for our kids to learn the skills and beauty of music...Thank you for being my brilliant, funny and loving music teacher. ”

Heather B and student, Darin, Niko and student Joshua

“You are so encouraging and creative in your methods. ...You are the best music teacher. I love you! You teach the best music! .... You make everything fun!You have made an impact in Jaydyn’s life! Her love for music is priceless. I have loved watching her confidence grow over the past 3 years. ”

Carole, students, Lily and Addie, and Shawna

“I’m so impressed at all they’ve learned! We can’t wait to continue our journey with KMP! ...Ms Cheri, never ever stop doing things you love, because of it you are a great music teacher! If there wasn’t any you, then I can’t learn music. ”

Shannon and student, Ari

“I love the music you teach us. I love it so much. Thank you for showing me the gift I have!...I like doing tallies and I like doing bingo...I also like the listening games!..….I love my piano class and not just piano class, other instruments too... ”

Students, Selah, Max and Eshaan

“Thank you for teaching me piano for 3 years! You’re the best! ...You are the best music teacher. My favorite part is the piano, bingo and prizes....The piano and music is something my kids share and enjoy doing together. It gives them a commonality that is so sweet and beautiful to watch as they practice every week! ”

Students, Selah R. and Colton and Fritz and Jeanie

“KMP has been one of the most incredible blessings to our family. Your energy and passion is contagious. The journey has been enriched for our 3 kids because of you! ...Thank you for being my music teacher. You have developed a love for playing the piano in my heart... Sophia is doing so well in school and we think much of it is her music! ”

...Natalie’s real mom, Brent and student Sarah

Getting Ready for Level 1

6 Steps to be Ready for Level 1 Lessons!

1. Sign up: Commit! Like brushing teeth, make it part of your family life. 2. Schedule each weekly lesson into 10- minute sessions during the week 3. Download PDFs per lesson & have markers, pencils, treats & stickers! 4. Put music videos on the TV screen if possible to get everyone to focus. 5. Get a 61-key keyboard & gather simple instruments from the kitchen. 6. Reward! Extrinsic reward is important at this age. With every 4 lessons done, KMP gives you a $4 amazon e-gift! We pay you to do!

Benefits of Taking KMP LEVEL 1 Course:

  • Comprehensive

    Authentic, keyboard-based music education that is foundational to learning multiple instruments. Age-appropriate, targeting a child when 80% of the ear development is occurring Combines the best methods: Orff, Kodaly, Yamaha and Suzuki

  • Creative

    Each lesson contains at least 20 short videos: Each video is in unforgettable format that includes puppets, songs, jingles, downloadable pages to color, songs, games and bingos to play along with rhyming stories: all explaining how music works! Uses repetition to build confidence and familiarity. Integrates musicality in a natural, relatable way: family, friends, zoo and play!

  • Complete

    Allows each child to develop at their own pace, in their own way. Uses repetition to build confidence and familiarity. Educationally-based, not performance-based. Entertains while teaching skills. Develops cognitive and emotional connection, social awareness, self-expression, and physical development through gross and fine motor activities.

Founder and Instructor of Kids' Music Playground

With over 25 years of experience

Ms. Cheri Roggow

Founder of Kids' Music Playground

Cheri Roggow has a BME degree from University of Northern Colorado. After teaching privately since she was 15, and after a short time teaching music in an elementary school, she began teaching in the group setting in 1995. In 2000 Ms. Cheri opened her own studio and averaged 200 students over the next 17 years. While downsizing her physical studio, Roggow caught the vision for online and when COVID forced her to keep the studio going by producing quality creative videos, she retained 95% of her students during the crisis. Much in demand, Roggow has been a regional speaker for Pikes Peak Music Teachers National Association, preschool and kindergarten organizations, and for Colorado Music Educators Association. She has written over 60 songs and chants, many of which are professionally orchestrated and sung by a former student. Roggow not only writes show-like quality originals that explain music theory, but her own method book and two volumes of Teacher's Manuals are available as well. 1000s of students have successfully graduated from her course over 20 years. Ms. Cheri's desire is much like the Coca Cola company's song she learned to play in 1971: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", and through this course your child will not only learn to sing, but gain an understanding of music theory, how to play multiple instruments, and how to read and write music! Roggow gives the credit of professionalism to her husband, videographer, orchestrator, and video editor, Lowell Roggow, and resides in Colorado, USA.